Happy dot box review

Hi my loves,

i came home to a surprise today. My happy dot box came wayy earlier than I expected it to.

Since it’s a new box, I didn’t see any sneak peeks and I was very excited opening it.


My first expression was, what a cute polka dot box.

So with any further delay, let’s get in to what I got in the box

The first thing I saw was a a beauty board card.

It didn’t have a description card, usually like other boxes do.

1.M.S.T.K.N perfume.. When i smell it, its sweet, but it also kind of smells like vomit?

2. Amika perk up dry shampoo.

Guys I love this dry shampoo, it smells so so good, and it really gets rid of the oil in my hair.

3. BB nail polish in beauty board pink

4. Dancing with the Stars color boosting skin perfector

I used this on my face before applying my foundation, it kind of made my skin illuminated but after a few hours it made my face a lot darker than my neck. I think it’s like tanning cream

5. Doucce eyeliner in black. It’s a liquid eyeliner and omg. I think I’ve found my new favorite liquid eyeliner. It’s so black and It doesn’t move at all.

Thats all I got in my happy dot box this month.

Xo, Nabiya  ❤️



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