How I deal with stress

Hi guys,

It’s only Thursday but I’ve had a long week and I’m ready for it to be over (like right now).

As most of you know in a cosmetology student at Aveda and I graduate next month (fingers crossed) so I go to school for 52 hours a week. I recently had to quit my job as a Starbucks barista because I couldn’t do boy of me together, so I decided quit my job and get my schooling done.

Going to school for 11 hours 3 days, 5 hours 2 days, and 9 hours in 1 day can be quite exhausting since I am always on my feet.

When I come home from school I sometimes don’t eat because I’m so tired, and I started to notice how dull my skin looked and how cranky I was getting.

Last week I put some things to test to see if they’ll work with the stress and tiredness.

When I come home, he first thing I do is Drink a glass of water. I’m so busy all day I forget to drink water most of the time.

Then I change, take all my makeup off and eat dinner.

I relax in bed for a little while with a cup of tea and Netflix. I’m currently watching Izombie (if you guys know any other nice shows pleaseee let me know)

Then I take a warm shower with Dr.Teals Epsom salt in Lavender and that really really helps my muscles relax.

I get in my pjs and go to bed then, but I’ve noticed this set schedule has really helped me feel not as tired every morning.

Let me know how you Guys relax yourself. 🙂

Xo,Nabiya ❤️



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