Highlight on Fleek

Hi friends,

I’m sure all of you know about the highlight trend.

I often see hashtags on Instagram like #HighlightBrigtherTha YourFuture #HighlightOnFleek #HighlightOnPoint

Every company came out with a highlight palette. But not all of the highlight palettes are affordable and sometimes we just need something to go along with the trend but not as expensive.

I recently talked about the Elf highlight palette, I’ll link it down below if you’re interested in reading that blog post.


But I recently bought the Carli Bybel palette by Bh Cosmetics. It has 14 eyeshadow and highlight shades.

The eyeshadows are so pigmented and creamy, they blend like a dream.

Guys im honestly Sslayed.



I did my friends make up the other day and look at the highlight  its POPPIN, you could see this highlight from miles away, it slayed me.

This palette is heaven. The four highlight shades are so gorgeous I think I cried when I swatched them. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a highlight palette that’s not very expensive.

I got it on sale for $12.50


I frequently buy makeup from them, and everything is such great quality guys. If you haven’t shopped on this website before you should, everything is super cheap too and usually they have deals going on all the time.

Let me know which highlight palette is your favorite and I’ll give it a shot too.

Xo, Nabiya ❤️




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