Coastal Scents Review

Hii guys,

I recently posted a blog about the coastal scents sale, I myself did order some things

Use this link to get $5 off your order

Theres still a few $0.99 eyeshadows left, so if you didn’t get a chance to get some before hurry to their page and get them today.

I got 2 eyeshadows, 1 concealer and a lipstick.

I cannot stress how much I love it.


This is what the package looked like, I LOVE pink, so this packaging on its own got me excited

The eyeshadows and the concealer came in a cute pink pouch. I guessed my concealer shade and it matches perfectly.

Its not very creamy in the pan, but once you put it on your face it blends very very easily and it was only $0.99

I love the dark mango orange eyeshadow, it’s perfect for spring, and I got the green one because it’s shimmery and I love green shimmer.

The lipstick is sooo creamy and feels very comfortable on the lips , it’s not matte. It’s slightly glossy and makes my lips look very full and hydrated.

It also came with the I love makeup sticker and Shea butter.

The Shea butter is just okay, it’s very very hard and smells weird. Kind of bitter.

But other than that I love everything I got.

Xo, Nabiya ❤️


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