Hard candy Sheer Envy Review

Hii guys,

So I’ve been looking for the Wet n Wild Geometric Highlightsrs but I cannot find them anywhere.

I was at Walmart 2 days ago and I saw the Hard Candy Sheer Envy products. I’m not sure if they’re new or not but I’ve never seen them before so I bought a couple of items  ☺️


So they had:

Shine Free All Day Translucent pressed powder

12 hr long wear face primer

12 hr radiance primer mist – $7.16 (I bought this one)

This primer is $8 at Walmart.

Its claims to Lift and Firm, moisturizer, brighten and tighten facial contour.

This primer did feel very moisturizing on my face and stays tacky for a few minutes. It has a very creamy consistency. I actually like it, but it didn’t really lift or firm my face. Maybe if I use it a few more times I’ll see a difference but so far I don’t think it did anything.


This primer mist claims are:

12 hour power

Hydrates skin

Destroyed energize

Coconut water infused

Oil free

Silicone free

Alcohol free

i tried to use it but the pump was broken and it just started to drip everywhere but I did get some on my face lol

It didn’t smell very good, it did make my skin look fresh. It is not my go to primer mist.

I did not get the pressed powder or the long wear primer. Let me know if you want me to and I’ll review it 🙂




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