ELF Hits & Misses

Hello my lovlies,

I have a TON of makeup from Elf, its all purchased by me, and i have a love/hate relation with some of them, some of them are my absolute favorites and then theres some ill never purchase again.

So lets jump right into it.

I love Elf, its affordable and the quality is amazing, their packaging is awesome as well.


This is everything i have after giving away a lot of Products to my sisters or friends because some colors didnt look very good on me, or the formula didnt exactly work for me. I have broken a lot of things too in the past couple months just because i would either drop them accidentally or something wold happen.

  • Elf Matte Lipsticks $3

I have Wine, Berry Sorbet, Dash of Pink, Tea rose, Praline and Rich red. I lost the Rich red one 😦 They last forever on the lips, dont make my lips look chapped and in short i will be buying more of these.

  • Moisturizing Lipsticks $3

I have these in the shade Razzle Dazzle Red, Flirty & Fabulous and Wine Tour. These retail for $3

  • Elf Lips Exfoliater $3

I did not Enjoy this at all, it didnt remove and dead skin but it did smell and taste good, and made my lips very silky only for like 5 minutes

  • Ultimate Blending Brush $6

This brush is so dense, it gives such a nice flawless finish. It works well with cream, gel, liquid, powder foundations. I only use this brush if im not using a sponge

  • Elf Eye Refresh $3

Perfect for days you wake up with puffy eyes

  • Elf Maximum Coverage Concealer

I like this foundation but its not my go too. it looks very cakey and clings onto dry patches

  • Elf Acne Fighting Foundation $6

I got 2 shades and they both were verrryyy off. I think if i found the right shade i would like it

  • Elf Flawless Finish Foundation $6

I like this foundation. Its medium coverage, blends easily, doesnt cake up

  • Elf Blush Palette $6

It comes with 4 shades, i have the light one and i absolutely love it. it has 3 matte shades and 1 shimmery shade

  • Elf Illuminating Palette $6

I wish i didnt buy this palette, its very powdery and doesnt show up on my skin

  • Elf Contour Palette $6

This is a pretty decent palette, i use it a lot. Obviously lol. The lightest shade is a little too light so i mix it with the shade next to it for my undereyes

  • Elf High Definition Powder $6

I have this in corrective yellow. ITS SO MESSY. it goes everywhere and i hate it, it doesnt even make my concealer last so this is a pass.

  • Elf Pressed Powder $3

I like this powder but use a very light hand, i got a shade too dark for me so it makes me look tanner than i already am.

  • Elf Pressed Mineral Bronzer $5

I love this. I have it in Tan Toffee and it gives a very natural contour

  • Elf Mineral Blush $5

I have this in Wanderlust and it doenst show up on my skin

  • Elf Illuminating Primer $6

I do not like this primer at all, it makes my skin very cakey, it doesnt give a smooth finish, it does make it look glowy though

  • Elf Poreless Primer $6

Yes!!! Ive used so many of these and this is my all time favorite Primer

  • Elf Cool Bronzer $3

This product is just ok, i dont see anything too amazing about it.

  • Elf Pot Eyeshaows $3

These are worth the money, hey have long lasting power and have great pigmentation

  • Elf Nail polish $3

I think they discontinued these but they chip so badly

  • Elf Mists $4

I have all 3 of these and i love them. i dont see a difference between the matte and the illuminating one. i just notice they help my makeup last longer

I hope you Enjoyed this post. Let me know what you guys enjoy from elf

Xo,  Nabiya ❤️





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