Anastasia Beverlyhills Liquid Lipsticks!!

Hello friends,

I blogged about my eBay haul today, I got some brushes and some lipsticks

I already reviewed the brushes that were for $6.99 I’ll link it down below if you’re interested in those brushes

eBay Makeup Brushes!!

With those brushes I also came across some Anastasia Beverlyhills Liquid Lipsticks.

For $3.44 each. Of course I was tempted to try those lipsticks

Here’s the link if you guys want to try it as well

When you put it on its very shiny and hydrating


These dry down very matte, and make my lips look very dry. But if you put a a lip balm under I think it’ll be fine


These lipsticks are waterproof. When I went to take it off, it did not want to come off, I used Micellar water it didn’t work, then I ended up using my Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover and that helped.


This is what it looks like on the lips. It looks gorgeous and I loveeee these lipsticks, they’re just very dry. Also the packaging is very cheap. Like you can tell it’s a cheap material.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post



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