eBay Makeup Brushes!!

Hi guys,

Ive watched so many YouTube videos on eBay hauls and I was very tempted to buy some thing about a month ago.

All of my stuff arrived 2 days ago and I tested the face brushes and I’m ready to tell you what I think of them.

I got 8 brushes total, 4 face brushes and 4 eyeshadow brushes

They were for $6.99 plus $1.99 shipping.

I have to say these brushes are SOFT!


So, as I was playing with these brushes they had a strong vinegar scent so I was scared to use them. I washed them with my brush cleaner and then used them. They don’t have a brand or they don’t say what brush is for what use.

So the first brush is a contour brush and I love it.

The second is a flat top brush I’m assuming for foundation but it’s not dense at all so I used this one for all over powder

I used the 3rd one for foundation and it was so scratchy I did not like this brush

The 4th is w tapered brush, I used it for concealer and this was scratchy too so I used it to set my under eyes

I have not used the eyeshadow brushes but I will soon and update this post.

Overall I think these brushes are just okay.



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