What NOT to buy!

Hi my friends,

We always talk about all the makeup products we love and recommend, but it isn’t very often that we come across that we absolutely hate.

I, by no means am trying to offend any one of you or the company.

I love their others products but these items just DID NOT work out for me.

So, I bought the Rimmel long lasting foundation


It was for $6.99 at Walmart. I thought to myself, long lasting foundation that’s full coverage? Let’s try it out.

I love Rimmel, I think they make some amazing products but I tried it on and I was horrified. I wanted to take after pictures. It looked so so bad I couldn’t make myself do it. It sat on top of my face, it looked so Daley and unnatural. It accentuated every dry spot on my face so I was. It happy.

Anyways, I bought this from Physcians Formula and i thought might as well try these products while I have this foundation on

I got this for $10 at Walmart.

I love to color correct, my cheeks are always red and sometimes my dark circles are darker than the color black.

I tried the correcting powder with my favorite foundation on my Revlon. It sat on top of my fave.

I then tried it again with the Rimmel long lasting foundation and It caked up on my face so bad.

I like the pink concealer it did brighten the undereye, but the yellow made my eyes look very dry.

I didn’t enjoy the mineral loose powder either  there was nothing special about it .

Overall, I love see 2 brands but these were a total fail

Let me know if you guys don’t enjoy a product in the comments

Xo, Nabiya ❤️


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