Lets Be Friends!!

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Hello my friends,

I will be hosting a giveaway soon once i reach 200 followers, those of you who are following me i want you guys to be the first one to know!

I really enjoy trying out new beauty products, in the past year my makeup collection has grown TREMENDOUSLY.

Every day i get a new package that i unbox on snapchat and i literally get messages from people saying i should give some to others too lol.

So i decided why not.

Comment down below what youd like to see more on my blog and help my blog grow!!

I really want to influence other people, and i know quite a few that gave up blogging just because it wasnt growing.

Its a tough job, its not all fun and games and looking at many peoples blogs i get the motivation to continue blogging

Follow me on Instagram: Hairmakeupbynz + Nabiyaznaqi

Snapchat: Nabiya567

If youd like to collaborate with me, send me an email at: nabiya.zaki2@hotmail.com

Stay in touch, i love meeting new people and seeing their creative styles of blogging.

Keep your eyes open for the surprise.




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