Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Hello friends,

I recently started working for Macy’s in the beauty Department and went to some trainings, and I got a lot of gratis

I love my new job, I’m doing something I’m passionate about and life’s good.

I received a few Vice Lipsticks and i tried them on

Heres my thoughts on them:


These here are some of the swatches  I have played with all the 6 finishes

They retail for $17 a bullet

Theres a 100 shades.

6 finishes are:

  •  Mega Matte
  • Cream
  • Metallized
  • Comfort Matte
  • Sheer
  • Sheer shimmer

Mega matte is very drying and settles in the cracks

I love cream formula  is hydrating

Metallized is great  great color pay off

Comfort Matte is my favorite  it stays on all day and doesn’t dry the lips

Sheer doesn’t show up on the lips, it’s like a lip gloss

Sheer shimmer is like a clear shimmer gloss

Hope this helps you guys!




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