Estée Edit VoxBox

Hello Friends,

I love getting free makeup and I’m sure you do too.

Recently I reiceved an Estée Edit VoxBox from Influenster

What is Influenster? It is a website /app where you write reviews, ask questions and answer questions about things you have tried. It doesn’t have to be makeup only, it could be food, shampoo, drinks, books etc. the more you do that the higher chances of you getting selected for a voxbox

This is my 4th VoxBox in the past 6 mo this and I’m honestly in love

image.jpgI received:

1. Flash Illuminator in spotlight

2. Glowing Balm makeup with pink Peony

3. Pore Vanishing Stick

4. The Barest Lip color

I enjoyed these products a lot, I don’t think the pore vanishing stick did a lot for my huge pores. Overall, I love it

If youre interested in signing up and receiving free products click Here



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