November Boxycharm Spoilers

Hello friends,

I have the first Boxycharm Spoiler

What is Boxycharm?

It is a monthly beauty subscription. They send 4-5 FULL SIZE beauty items and lately theyve been killing it. I am never unsubscribing.

Spoiler #1


Are you excited for Novembers Boxycharm?

Let me know what you guys think

Xo, Nabiya


Whats in my bag

Hi friends,

Im sorry i havent been posting a lot lately, I graduate cosmetology school on Monday and i have been going to school everyday for 11 hours!!

Anyways, i was cleaning my bag today, i realized i never throw away my receipts,even if its from McDonalds lol.

I was throwing away all the receipts, and i looked at all my makeup and thought, Why not?

Why not write about what i carry with myself all the time.


I always carry a snack with me in case i get hungry lol

I absolutely love this ChapStick Hydration Lock

My current favorite lip color from Colour Pop in Lyin King, I absolutely LOVE this color

I love… rasberry and blackberry hand cream. It smells amazing and absorbs quickly

Realtree perfume

And SweetSpot makeup wipes (This was sent to me to by (Influenster)

Let me know what you guys carry around 🙂

Xo, Nabiya


Too Faced 72% off (March 2016)

Hii guys,

How many of you know about Too Faced?

How many of you Love Too Faced?

How many of you think it’s too expensive?

I said “me” to all those questions, and I want to tell you guys about the ongoing sale on

I literally just placed an order like 20minutes ago, and I thought if I’m benefiting with these cheap products I can help you guys too!!

Use the link below and save $$

They have a season sale going on. A lot of things are 72% off. Go hurry up and place your order before every things sold out :)))

I got the La Petite Maison Palette, Beauty Blogger Darlings and the exotic eyeshadow, and as my total was $50+ I got free shipping and free deluxe size liquified lipstick in ebony


How I deal with stress

Hi guys,

It’s only Thursday but I’ve had a long week and I’m ready for it to be over (like right now).

As most of you know in a cosmetology student at Aveda and I graduate next month (fingers crossed) so I go to school for 52 hours a week. I recently had to quit my job as a Starbucks barista because I couldn’t do boy of me together, so I decided quit my job and get my schooling done.

Going to school for 11 hours 3 days, 5 hours 2 days, and 9 hours in 1 day can be quite exhausting since I am always on my feet.

When I come home from school I sometimes don’t eat because I’m so tired, and I started to notice how dull my skin looked and how cranky I was getting.

Last week I put some things to test to see if they’ll work with the stress and tiredness.

When I come home, he first thing I do is Drink a glass of water. I’m so busy all day I forget to drink water most of the time.

Then I change, take all my makeup off and eat dinner.

I relax in bed for a little while with a cup of tea and Netflix. I’m currently watching Izombie (if you guys know any other nice shows pleaseee let me know)

Then I take a warm shower with Dr.Teals Epsom salt in Lavender and that really really helps my muscles relax.

I get in my pjs and go to bed then, but I’ve noticed this set schedule has really helped me feel not as tired every morning.

Let me know how you Guys relax yourself. 🙂

Xo,Nabiya ❤️


Bare Minerals Makeup Review

Hii guys,

If you read my post about the Bare Minerals Mystery Box, you guys will know I was very excited to try them out. I’ll link it down below so you guys know what I’m talking about.


I want to tell you guys about what I loved and what didn’t work out for me in that mystery bag.

The main reason for me writing a review is the primer, every time I used it, I hated it so much, so I want you guys to know to stay away from that product if you have very very sensitive skin.

I love Bare minerals foundations, they work very well for me, but the Neutralizing primer had such a strong paint like smell that I could not bare it. It clings on for about 15-20 minutes after you apply it, it’s very very yellow, and it didn’t do much for my skin.

The Soft Focus Warmth is too dark for me, it looked very Orange on my skin, so sadly that didn’t work out either.

The Mineral Veil, I use it to set my face or my undereyes, when I set my undereyes with it, my concealer creases so I only set my face with it now.

The Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss is just ok, it’s very sticky on my lips, so I didn’t use it after the first time. 😦

The Blush did work, it’s a very very subtle blush, it has goldenish undertones.

I loveeeee all the 3 brushes I got  the concealer brush changed my concealing game 😉

The Moxie lipstick looks so good on my lips you guys, it’s so moisturizing, it stays on pretty much the whole day.

The eyeliners, I tightline with them, they’re very creamy and stay put.

i hope you guys enjoyed the review.

Xo, Nabiya ❤️