Blend Mineral Cosmetics Brush

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a brush from Blend Mineral Cosmetics, it was on sale on Hautelook.

Hautelook is a website/app where you can find name brand sale up/ skincare etc for cheap

I got this brush for $6

If you want to buy items on hautelook at a discounted rate here’s the link. They have different brands everyday.

This brush is super super dense and when I bought it, it looked like it was a foundation brush but it’s so little, so I use it as a concealer brush

I have a foundation that I don’t use, it’s from Sephora brand, I used it with this brush As a concealer and oh my god. It gave such a flawless finish, it covered so good I was surprised.

The only thing is it really drags my skin, and I used it a couple times underneath my eyes and the next day my eyes started to hurt and they would burn only because of how much it dragged my skin. Otherwise I love this brush, it gives great, flawless, almost full coverage results.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this brush on their website, so if you guys find it do let me know.

Xo,Nabiya ❤️


Bare Minerals Makeup Review

Hii guys,

If you read my post about the Bare Minerals Mystery Box, you guys will know I was very excited to try them out. I’ll link it down below so you guys know what I’m talking about.


I want to tell you guys about what I loved and what didn’t work out for me in that mystery bag.

The main reason for me writing a review is the primer, every time I used it, I hated it so much, so I want you guys to know to stay away from that product if you have very very sensitive skin.

I love Bare minerals foundations, they work very well for me, but the Neutralizing primer had such a strong paint like smell that I could not bare it. It clings on for about 15-20 minutes after you apply it, it’s very very yellow, and it didn’t do much for my skin.

The Soft Focus Warmth is too dark for me, it looked very Orange on my skin, so sadly that didn’t work out either.

The Mineral Veil, I use it to set my face or my undereyes, when I set my undereyes with it, my concealer creases so I only set my face with it now.

The Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss is just ok, it’s very sticky on my lips, so I didn’t use it after the first time. 😦

The Blush did work, it’s a very very subtle blush, it has goldenish undertones.

I loveeeee all the 3 brushes I got  the concealer brush changed my concealing game 😉

The Moxie lipstick looks so good on my lips you guys, it’s so moisturizing, it stays on pretty much the whole day.

The eyeliners, I tightline with them, they’re very creamy and stay put.

i hope you guys enjoyed the review.

Xo, Nabiya ❤️