Katy Perry Lipstick

Hi beauties,

I bought the Katy Perry lipsticks. She collabed with Cover girl, so the lipsticks aren’t very expensive

They’re retail for $7.49 each but I got mine on sale for 2/$12 about a week ago

These lipsticks are very comfortable on the lips, they are Demi matte but they’re not drying.

The only thing I noticed was they don’t stay on very long, they are not transfer proof either.

They are rich and moisturizing and are infused with Shea butter.

They come in 12 shades, from nudes to bold, they have it all

I got the colors Catoure and Kitty Purry

Catoure is a maroon brown shade, looks amazing with an intense smokey eye

Kitty Purry is Cool tone Purple/ pink

I love both the lipsticks, they’re super affordable and have a nice color pay off.

Have you guys tried these lipsticks? If you have which shade did you try?






La Girl Pro Concealer

Hello friends

I want to start off with apologizing for disappearing for days!

I recently moved and didn’t have wifi in the new house

but I am back now!!

I want to do a quick review on the LA Girl Pro Concealer

It retails for $5 at most walmarts. The Walmart near me doesn’t have this Brand

it comes in 24 shades

  • it’s super affordable
  • it’s very thick
  • has a great color range
  • super affordable
  • Crease-resistant
  • long wearing formula
  • provides complete natural looking coverage


Do you guys see the tiny hairs coming out? I hate it. Every time I use this concealer I have tiny little hairs on my face, the coverage is great.

you definitely have to set this with a powder, I suggest baking if you don’t want it to crease at all.

The tube is mostly air filled, you really have to squeeze the tube to get some product


ColourPop 20% off

Hi friends,

I am loving ColourPop makeup so much I can’t stop buying their eyeshadows and Lillie stix

For today only get 20% off site wide and free shipping on orders of $30 or more.

No other coupons can be used with this promotion.

Flash sale begins 4/30 at 7 am PST and ends 5/1 at 7 am PST.



Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be grabbing anything or what your faves are from ColourPop and I’ll buy them ☺️


Hard candy Sheer Envy Review

Hii guys,

So I’ve been looking for the Wet n Wild Geometric Highlightsrs but I cannot find them anywhere.

I was at Walmart 2 days ago and I saw the Hard Candy Sheer Envy products. I’m not sure if they’re new or not but I’ve never seen them before so I bought a couple of items  ☺️


So they had:

Shine Free All Day Translucent pressed powder

12 hr long wear face primer

12 hr radiance primer mist – $7.16 (I bought this one)

This primer is $8 at Walmart.

Its claims to Lift and Firm, moisturizer, brighten and tighten facial contour.

This primer did feel very moisturizing on my face and stays tacky for a few minutes. It has a very creamy consistency. I actually like it, but it didn’t really lift or firm my face. Maybe if I use it a few more times I’ll see a difference but so far I don’t think it did anything.


This primer mist claims are:

12 hour power

Hydrates skin

Destroyed energize

Coconut water infused

Oil free

Silicone free

Alcohol free

i tried to use it but the pump was broken and it just started to drip everywhere but I did get some on my face lol

It didn’t smell very good, it did make my skin look fresh. It is not my go to primer mist.

I did not get the pressed powder or the long wear primer. Let me know if you want me to and I’ll review it 🙂



Garnier Micellar Water

Hi friends,

Today I’ll talk about the most hyped up item.



The Micellar Water, I got mine from Meijer for $6.99

Ulta has it for $8.99

Anyways, I’ve heard so so so many good things about it so I gave it a try. There’s three kinds of Garnier Micellar Water:

  1. Pink (Sensitive skin)
  2. Blue (Waterproof makeup)
  3. Green (Combination/Sensitive skin)

its claims are:

  1. Makeup Remover & Cleanser
  2. Dermatologist tested
  3. Ophthalmologist tested
  4. Non-comedogenic

I got the pink one, and Im actually surprised. It didn’t do any wonders, I mean it took my makeup off but I had to use 5-6 cotton pads to remove all of it. Usually I only have to use 1-2 makeup wipes and they take all my make up off.

So, I was kind of disappointed at how much effort I had to put in to remove all my makeup. It did hydrate my skin, it felt s lot softer, but I didn’t think it did anything extraordinary.

Let me know if this product worked out for you guys and how you use it. 🙂


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Xo,Nabiya ❤️

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Hi my friends,

I am back with my drugstore foundation review.

I’m probably the last person to try this foundation since its been in the market for so long and I heard so so so many good reviews I told myself I’ll give it a try, for myself and you guys.



Theres 2 types of foundations in his line, for normal/ dry, and combo/oily.

I got the matte one since I noticed myself getting a little oily in my T zone, since we are getting a little warmer in Ohio.

This foundationsclaims are:

  1. Oil free
  2. Full coverage
  3. Spf 15
  4. Non-comedogenic
  5. Wears up to 24 hours

I wore this foundation for 16 hours today. I put it on at 6 am, that’s when I woke up for work and took it off at 10 pm.

I had to touch up 3-4 times, the coverage looked the same by the end of the night, my redness did start to peek through at 4-5 pm.

Do I recommend this foundation? Yes. They have a variety of shades. It’s worth the money and it stays put.

Let me know if you want me to review something for you guys.

Xo, Nabiya ❤️

Fit Me! Dewy & Smooth Foundation

Hi lovelies,

I want to talk to you guys about my favorite foundation by Maybelline.

The Fit Me! Dewy & Smooth Foundation. This one is created especially for dry or dehydrated skin, or “winter” skin.



It comes in 16 shades, so none of you will be left out. There’s a color for all of us in this line, if not we can always mix and match!

This foundations claims are:

  1. It hydrates
  2. Smooths skin texture
  3. Matches skin tone for luminous finish
  4. Deretologist tested
  5. Oil free
  6. Does not clog pores
  7. Medium to Full coverage

My skin is combo, so I usually go for dewy finish foundations, this one made my skin look a little too dewy than I prefer. I love this during the cold months. I wouldn’t use this one during summer because it would make my face an oil mine in a few hours lol .

It has a very natural finish and is buildable. It usually retails around $6 but prices may vary.

Hope this helped you guys.

Xo, Nabiya ❤️