La Girl Pro Concealer

Hello friends

I want to start off with apologizing for disappearing for days!

I recently moved and didn’t have wifi in the new house

but I am back now!!

I want to do a quick review on the LA Girl Pro Concealer

It retails for $5 at most walmarts. The Walmart near me doesn’t have this Brand

it comes in 24 shades

  • it’s super affordable
  • it’s very thick
  • has a great color range
  • super affordable
  • Crease-resistant
  • long wearing formula
  • provides complete natural looking coverage


Do you guys see the tiny hairs coming out? I hate it. Every time I use this concealer I have tiny little hairs on my face, the coverage is great.

you definitely have to set this with a powder, I suggest baking if you don’t want it to crease at all.

The tube is mostly air filled, you really have to squeeze the tube to get some product