Blend Mineral Cosmetics Brush

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a brush from Blend Mineral Cosmetics, it was on sale on Hautelook.

Hautelook is a website/app where you can find name brand sale up/ skincare etc for cheap

I got this brush for $6

If you want to buy items on hautelook at a discounted rate here’s the link. They have different brands everyday.

This brush is super super dense and when I bought it, it looked like it was a foundation brush but it’s so little, so I use it as a concealer brush

I have a foundation that I don’t use, it’s from Sephora brand, I used it with this brush As a concealer and oh my god. It gave such a flawless finish, it covered so good I was surprised.

The only thing is it really drags my skin, and I used it a couple times underneath my eyes and the next day my eyes started to hurt and they would burn only because of how much it dragged my skin. Otherwise I love this brush, it gives great, flawless, almost full coverage results.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this brush on their website, so if you guys find it do let me know.

Xo,Nabiya ❤️